Chapter 8; Worst Jobs Homework 4/12/15

Maaaaaan what was that. I expected bad jobs (which is why I wasn’t surprised when the author’s choice was slaughterhouses), but I didn’t think about the ways you could make the jobs worse. Real mind opener. Before anything else, I just want to say, due to my naive rebellious nature, and due to an issue that’s been botherin’ me for awhile, I’m confident that I will eventually give up meat. As a Seventh Day Adventist, I’ve always been surrounded by vegans, so the lifestyle isn’t unusual for me. I’ve actually tried it once as a kid and suffered from protein deficiency because what’s protein and basic health knowledge to a middle schooler? Reading about the animal cruelty and even the human cruelty that occurs in these slaughterhouses, it makes me want to rebel and do whatever to stop the madness–even if that means I’d have to give up my beloved burritos (that hurt to type). Another thing, whilst reading, I had the thought that I’ve thought multiple times. “Wow, humans really think they’re something, huh?” And I say this, because all things considered, no matter what and where you look, we’re small. Doesn’t even matter what you call yourself, or where you come from, or whether you’re Republican or Democrat, we are miniscule creatures in every aspect. Now I don’t normally like taking the absolutist route with arguments, but if one doesn’t think they’re small, then they’ve either never looked up into the stars, or they don’t know how many people have lived on this planet in comparison to just themselves, or so on and so on. So it baffles me why some people (or rather companies) do some things like throwing away all regards for the already miniscule human life. For money? Has greed really swollen up their ego into making them think that money is what matters? Personally I blame The Man.

First thing’s first, let’s skip to the last thing; our boy Kenny. Seriously, while I was reading, I thought “huh, I mean the story makes him sound old, but I doubt he’s that old….” Even as I thought that, as soon as I read, I was still surprised to hear he was still in the relatively young (though I don’t know when the excerpt was written, for all we know he could be an old man). It was pretty obvious that his lifespan would be diminished based off everything he said, but I was really expecting him to experience all these conditions at the age of sixty or so, not in his forties. “They used me to the point where I had no body part left to give.” That was heavy. No one deserves that. 10/10 would boycott meat just for this guy. His loyalty was as stubborn as a bull, and he was as forgiving as I could be for things that others would probably immediately complain about. So much injustice in this world it’s not even funny, to turn an honest, strong man into shambles.

The jobs about the sanitation people really shocked me, mostly because, I didn’t even think about the people who clean those pigsties. To think those people are paid significantly less than the day time workers, is ridiculous. It’s ridiculous at all that all these people work for dirt cheap prices. These things always remind me of what the Mexican man said near the beginning of the Food Chains documentary, which while I can’t remember the exact quote, went along the lines of, “…we work for food, what’s the point of working if we still can’t eat?” I don’t think I’ll ever forget that quote. Whenever you see jobs like these, it just keeps nagging me–I think it’s impossible to forget. How? These people work and still can’t feed their families, even worse, THESE people put their lives on the line are treated more like pests than they are workers. I could not, under any conditions, tolerate such an indignity knowing that I am not helped the same way I’m helping the company, and I’d gladly pick dying of hunger on the streets than having to deal with their crap, in fact I’d probably be mad enough to perform some kind of sabotage. I’d boycott, I’d expose some company secrets, maybe even sabotage their operations in some V for Vendetta style crime. I’m a VERY irritable person and just reading this made me want to burn down their factories; Morality over Meat.

I don’t think I’ll quote much at this point, since no one said anything that really stood out, and because I’ve already pretty much said all I had about this, I’ll just leave my favorite quote here: “GIVE UP AFTER BACK SURGERY?! NOT KEN DOBBINS!” ← Macho manliness!

To finalize (because reasons), I have to say, after reading, I had a strong urge to visit a livestock slaughterhouse (but unfortunately NYC has none), so I looked it up online. Funniest thing about this video is, that it’s exactly as the writer described it (maybe cleaner than what the writer describes for the sake of the video), and I saw all of this clearly in my head before I even saw this video (call it clairvoyance). I don’t know what others might gather from that, but I say that means that this writer is REALLY GOOD with imagery. Everything was almost exactly as I pictured it (ESPECIALLY the part with the cow walking through the narrow entry).

Here’s the video I watched (they took off the audio because they’re wusses).

P.S., at 5:30 – 5:40, I’m pretty sure the cow squirm (at least it’s still alive enough to squirm). That movement didn’t exactly look natural (also for humans they say the brain is still alive for another 7 minutes after death, so who knows).


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