Homework for Wednesday 4/22/15

In discussions pertaining to physical labor conditions, one controversial issue has been exploitation of low-waged workers within the US, and it’s effect on said workers’ lifestyle. Many authors make reference to this, such as Eric Schlosser in his Fast Food Nation, where he discusses the trends found in multiple work settings, from fast food to the slaughterhouses from where the food originates from, to even the workers who clean up after the slaughtering; many of which are either illiterate, unable to properly communicate with their employers, or simply desperate. Others even, while agreeing, argue that exploitation is an issue that affects not just the lowest of the low (in context of skill and social status), but even the most well off people, such as Mac McClelland, author of the excerpt I Was a Warehouse Wage Slave, who goes into the lion’s den, per say, and sees what the big fuss is about, and discovers just how “lucky” she is, quickly realizing that exploitation is not just some fancy word for people who are overworked, it’s something that damages people physically and psychologically. From a personal standpoint, I agree that abuse, on several levels, can and do exist in the worst of workplaces. Although I, personally, haven’t experienced it myself, I know people close to me who have honorably worked very hard under the conditions present by both authors, and though their experience, given to me through private interviews, as well as through both authors’ accounts on the matter, I firmly believe a path towards a solution to said controversial issue can be forged.


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